What do you do?
I do media and public relations, helping companies increase visibility, gain market share, enter new markets and, in some cases, assist in crisis situations. I’ve also helped in community and government relations.

Why would I need crisis communications?
Most people and companies don’t need crisis communications until they do. In some cases it can be a strategic misstep. In others, everything you’ve worked for can be on the line. Over the course of my career I’ve dealt with hostile media inquiries, competitive defamation, executive malfeasance, industrial sabotage and vandalism, labor relations and layoffs, financial theft, government overreach, law enforcement issues, fatalities and assaults, a rocket explosion and a plane crash, and Internet trolls.

What kinds of companies do you work with?
I’ve helped clients launch a dozen Internet startups. I’ve worked with sole proprietorships just getting started. I worked comms on the merger of two Fortune 500 companies. My preference is startups and companies entering new markets. They’re more open to new ideas and asymmetric strategies. 

Do you do marketing or advertising / graphic design?
No. I do, however, work with some breathtakingly talented people who do. If you’re looking for someone with those skills, I’m happy to make recommendations.

How long does it take to get a PR campaign producing results?
Depending on the nature and complexity of the campaign, it can be as little as 24 hours, but usually a week or two. 

How do you get paid?
I typically bill by project or monthly retainer. The amount varies with the nature and complexity of the project. I don’t bill by the hour. You will get your money’s worth.  I promise.